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grammer world


About me and this homepage
Hi... everyone... nice to meet you...

I am a university student. I'm studying Information & Telecommunication Engineering in Korea. Last year, I stopped my study temporally, because I wanted to study English. It was very difficult to study English. In Korea, most people study English for more than 6 years. Usually when they were Junior-high school students, they started to study English. In my case, I've studied English since I entered Junior-high school. Even though I studied English for long time. My English skill was not enough. I think the best way is using English to improve English skill, so I made this homepage. My homepage are written in English. And I'd like to exchange information each other. And I'm making an effort to invite international students. So we can make international friends. 

This homepage is made while I study English. So maybe this homepage have some mistakes like spell mistakes and grammar mistakes because I'm not expert. However even though I'm not expert, I made an effort to help you to improve your English. I hope this homepage is useful to you. And if you find some mistakes, please send me e-mail, or write down in guest book I'll fix it.

Web Board
When you want to write something, you can use 'Web Board'. Anything is OK. If you want to have a discussion, post it in 'Web Board'. You might exchange opinions each other.

Now Korea
If you want to know news in Korea, use 'Now Korea'. Here are some news about Korea. Of course all news are written in English. If you are interested in Korea, this is good information for you.

News Link
Here are some newspapers. You can know what is happened in other countries. I linked English news service. I think reading newspapers is important to study English.

Guest Book
Please write something in Guest Book. I'd like to know who is using my homepage. When you visit my homepage and if you have a suggestion or advice, please post it in 'Guest Book'. This help me to change my homepage.