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english grammer world

MAY (Auxiliary Verb)

 (1) Permission or admission
- may indicate approval to do something

(ex) May I smoke here? Yes, you can.

 (2) Possibility
- We can use may to say that something is a possibility

may + verb word ----- Events in present
may + have + past participle ----- Events in past

(ex) She may be clever.
= It is possible that she is rich.
(ex) She may have missed her train.
= It is possible that she missed her train.

 (3) Express wishes or hopes
- Expressing your wishes or hopes

May + Subject + verb word

(ex) May you have lots of money.
(ex) May you meet good

 (3) May as well
- may as well is idiom
- You can use might as well also

May as well + verb word = had better + verb word
                                       = should + verb word

(ex) I may as well go now not to be late.
(ex) A taxi is so expensive so you might as well get a subway.

modal could modals modal might