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english grammer world

SHOULD (Auxiliary Verb)

 (1) Advise or opinion
- should indicate advice to do something or your opinion
- should is strong recommendation to do something about what is right or wrong
- But should is not as strong as must
- You can use ought to instead of should

(ex) You should not use drugs like Cocaine and Heroin.
(ex) You should study English to communicate with a foreigner.
= You ought to study English to communicate with a foreigner.

 (2) Expectation & strong possibility
- We can use should when you expect something to happen
- should indicate that something will probably happen

(ex) It should not be difficult to pass the examination.
= I expect that the examination is not difficult.
(ex) The department store should be less crowded today.

 (3) Regret
- You had to do it in the past but you didn't do it, so now you regret not to do it
- You can compare should + verb word and should + have + past participle in following examples

Should + have + past participle

(ex) You should do homework now.
(ex) You should have done homework.
= You didn't do your homework, so you regret not to do it.

 (4) Special case 1
- You can use should after a number of verbs, especially

following verbs + that .... (should) verb word

order, command, propose, suggest, move, insist, desire, demand, require, wish, decide, determine .....

(ex) He demanded that I should apologize.
(ex) He suggested that we should have dinner together.

 (5) Special case 2
- You can use should after a number of adjectives, especially
- There are two kinds of adjectives. One is about emotion and the other is about reason.
- should can be omissible
It is + adjectives + that .... (should) + verb word ....
good, proper, important, well, absurd, natural, right, wrong, rational, necessary ....

reason adjectives

curious, odd, strange, surprising, regrettable, wonderful

emotion adjective

(ex) It is necessary that you should study English.
(ex) It is strange that he should be absent.

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