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english grammer world

Article a/an

1. a/an -> one

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) A and an have the meaning of one.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) When you use countable nouns, If it is singular nouns, you should use countable
nouns with article (a/an), and if it is plural nouns you should use plural forms of
the nouns. 

(ex) I have an apple. (one)
(ex) I have two apples.


2. any, every -> represent something

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) In this case, a/an have the meaning of every or any.

(ex) An owl can see in the dark.
(ex) A frog eats insects.


3. any one or a certain, unspecific things

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) You can use a/an when you are thinking of unspecific things.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) When you don't know about a person, you can use a/an with the person.

(ex) I have a book about internet.
(ex) A man came to me, and he asked me where a library was. 


4. emphasis

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) You can use a/an after negative, when you need to emphasize something.

(ex) He didn't tell us a thing about his travel.


5. for each or per

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) A/an have the meaning of for each or per.

(ex) It cost $2 a kilogram.
(ex) I play computer games 4 times a week


6. difference between 'a' and 'an'

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) 'a' is used in front of consonants.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) 'an' is used in front of vowels (a,e,i,o,u)

Article 'a' Article 'an'
a book an apple
a man an illness
a pen an antenna

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) You must be careful, in case of 'u' and 'h'.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) When 'h' is not pronounced, you should use article 'an' and when 'u' is
pronounced like the consonant, you should use article 'a'.

Article 'a' Article 'an'
a university an understanding
a use an unexpected accident
a hospital an hour
a horse an honors

(ex) I'll go to your house in an hour.
(ex) He has to choose a university before taking an examination.


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