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english grammer world

Singular and plural

1. countable and uncountable

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Uncountable nouns have a singular form and we can not count it.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Countable nouns have a singular form and a plural form and we can count it.

(ex) Can you sing a song for me? (a song : countable noun)
(ex) Eastern people eat rice everyday.


2. adding an ending

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) We use some ending words in case of some singular nouns.

child - children ox - oxen .....

(ex) His child is very cute.
(ex) How many children do you have?


3. changing a vowel

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Sometimes we change a vowel.

foot - feet goose - geese tooth - teeth
mouse - mice louse - lice man - men
woman - women ..... .....

(ex) There were many women who were protesting in front of the White House.
(ex) Your chief is a woman.


4. changing a consonant

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Sometimes we change a consonant.

knife - knives leaf - leaves wife - wives
wolf - wolves calf - calves .....

(ex) There are three wolves in a zoo.
(ex) I have a new knife.


5. the same plural and singular form

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Some nouns have the same plural and singular form.

bison corps deer
fish salmon series
sheep spacecraft .....

(ex) There are four major groups of Hawaii's fish species.
(ex) How many did you catch fish yesterday? I caught four fish.


6. academic subjects and disease -> singular verb

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) We use a singular verb with academic subjects and disease.

Academic subject civics, mathematics, physics, economics .....
Disease measles, cancer, mumps .....

(ex) How was your mathematics in high school?
(ex) Children should be immunized to protect them from measles.


7. regular formation

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) countable nouns + s

a voiced sound + s : /z/ dog - dogs, pen - pens, .....
a voiceless sound + s : /s/ cup - cups, book - books, .....

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) countable nouns + ies or + s

a consonant + y : -ies baby - babies, city - cities, .....
a vowel + y : -s boy - boys, toy - toys, .....

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) countable nouns + es or + s

a consonant + o : -es potato - potatoes, hero - heroes, .....
a vowel + o : -s radio - radios, studio - studios, .....


nouns and articles