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english grammer world

Uncountable noun

1. article (a/an)

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) You don't need to use article such as a and an before uncountable nouns.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) You can use uncountable nouns alone without article (a/an).

(ex) He visited German last year and He will visit the USA this year.
(ex) How long had you been in Australia?


2. no singular & plural

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) There are no singular & plural.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) You can use a + .... + of with uncountable nouns.

a school of fish a pair of trousers a bottle of wind
a piece of music a glass of water a cake of soap
a handful of sand ..... ......

(ex) We listened to musics yesterday. (X)
(ex) We listened to music yesterday.


3. some & any

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) You can use some and any with uncountable nouns.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Don't use plural forms (-s, -es)

(ex) Could you give me some water? (O)
(ex) Could you give me some waters? (X) 


4. uncountable nouns (that make mistakes easily)

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Here are some uncountable nouns that are count nouns in other language.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Be careful, maybe you can make mistakes easily.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Don't use plural forms (-s, -es)

advice baggage courage
equipment furniture homework
information luck luggage
money music news
poetry traffic weather
..... ..... .....

(ex) I hope you buy good furniture.
(ex) Do you have money with you?


5. differences between countable nouns and uncountable nouns

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Many nouns can be used as countable nouns or uncountable nouns with
different meanings.

as countable nouns

as uncountable nouns

fires, a fire -> an event fire -> material
a glass, glasses -> a container such as cup glass -> construction material
a language, languages -> a specific language like  English, Spanish... language -> abstract meaning including all languages
a paper, papers -> a report or a document paper -> construction material

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) You should consider about the meaning of the word in these sentences.

(ex) I need a glass for the milk. (O)
(ex)I need glass for the milk. (X)

(ex) I'm looking for work. (O)
(ex) I'm looking for a work. (X)


nouns and articles