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Subjunctive Mood

1. Subjunctive present

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) real possibility for future (Compare with subjunctive past)

If + Subjective + verb word (present verb) .... ,
Subjective + will (or can , may , must ....)

(ex) If I find my passport, I'll tell you.
(=> Maybe I will find my passport ; real possibility)
(ex) If it is cold tomorrow, I'll not go there.


2. Subjunctive past

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) not real possibility (Compare with subjunctive)
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) The meaning is present not past and opposite of present fact

If + Subjective + verb (past tense) .... Subjective + would (should, could, might) + verb word ....

(ex) If I had lots of money, I could buy BMW car.
(=>As I have no money, I can't buy BMW car)
(ex) If I won a billion dollars, I would buy house which have big garden.

3. Subjunctive past perfect

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) The meaning is past not present and opposite of past fact.

If + Subjective + had + past participle .... , subjective + would (should, could, might) + have + past participle

(ex) If the bomb had detonated, many people would have died.
(=> many people didn't die, because the bomb didn't detonate.)
(ex) If the telephone had not been inaugurated by Bell, we would have felt uncomfortable.
(=> We felt comfortable, because Bell inaugurated telephone.)


4. Summary

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Subjunctive form

subjunctive present If + s + verb word .... , s + will + verb word ....
subjunctive past If + s + verb (past tense) .... , s + would (should, could, might) + verb word ....
subjunctive past perfect If + s + had + p.p .... , s + would (should, could, might) + had + p.p

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) meaning

subjunctive present real possibility for future
subjunctive past not real possibility ; opposite of present fact
subjunctive past perfect opposite of past fact


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