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Subjunctive verbs

 (1) Subjunctive verbs
- We call following verbs subjunctive verbs.
- Usually we use subjuctive verbs with 'that clause'
ask comand desire
insist prefer propose
recommend request require
suggest urge order

* Sometimes the verb 'insist' may be used in non-subjunctive verbs

(ex) The Indonesian prime minister orderd that the army retain control of the situation.
(ex) The lawyer requested that the court deny the evidence.

 (2) Form
- We use verb word in 'that clause'
Subject + subjunctive verbs + that + verb word ....

(ex) The archaeologist requested that the government support the excavation of buried ancient city.
(ex) The France proposed that his name be engraved on the statue.

 (3) Subjunctive noun clause
- This is similar to subjunctive verbs. We use verb word in noun clause.

(ex) The government refused the request that the labour party suggest.
(ex) They ignored the suggestion that she get more practice.

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