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english grammer world

Past simple

1. an action in the past

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Past simple is used to talk about completed actions or situation in the past.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) The actions are begun and ended at a particular time in the past.
(ex : on Monday, last night, two months ago, yesterday .....)
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) When we talk about an action that occurred over a period of time but was
completed in the past, we use the past simple

(ex) I finished my homework last night.
(ex) She came to a school at 11 o'clock.

(ex) She studied very hard after the lesson last night. 
(ex) What did you do at the weekend? I went to a cinema.


2. an regular activity in the past

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) When we talk about an activity that took place regularly in the past.

(ex) She got up at 8 o'clock. 
(ex) He had a lunch at 12 o'clock.


3. history

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) When we talk about history, of course, we use the past simple.

(ex) Columbus discovered America continent in 1492.
(ex) China invented paper.


4. verb form

p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) When we use the past simple, we use the past verb form. Usually the past simple
ends in -ed, but many verbs are irregular.
p_yellow.gif (104 bytes) Click -> the list of irregular verbs

(ex) He was very thirsty, so he bought a bottle of water. (irregular verb)
(ex) She wanted to study in Australia. (regular verb)


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