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Welcome to English Grammar World

Welcome to English Grammar World


Nice to meet you...

English Grammar World is for ESL (English as a second language) students. I'm a student also and I'm studying English as a second language. It is very difficult to learn English, because English is not my mother language.

Anyway nowadays, most people use English. This mean, if we want to get other information, we have to use English. So I thought how to improve my English, and I decided to make a homepage about learning English as a second language. I know there are many students who want to study English. If we can exchange our information about studying English, our English will be improved easier than before. And there are many countries in the world, so we can talk about other culture and their country and so on.  

Don't be shy, I'm also beginner. And if you are native speaker, you can help us and you might make friends.

If you write something in English, use 'Web Board' in my homepage. Thank you for reading my article

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