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english grammer world

COULD (Auxiliary Verb)

 (1) Permission or Polite request
- could is more polite expression than can
- could have the meaning of permission and request like can

(ex) Could you turn off the radio?
(ex) I feel thirsty. Could you give me a glass of water?

 (2) Sequence of tense
- could is the past tense of can

(ex) He said " I can swim for two hours."
= He said that he could swim for two hours.

 (3) Possibility in the future or now
- Sometimes could indicate possibility in the future or just possibility
- Sometimes could has a similar meaning to may and might

(ex) She is not in classroom. She could be sleeping in her room.
-> This
sentence is just possibility.
(ex) "We are late." "Don't worry, we could arrive at bus gateway on time."
-> This
sentence is possibility in the future.

modal can modals modal may