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english grammer world

MIGHT (Auxiliary Verb)

 (1) The past tense of may
- might is the past tense of may

(ex) He said "It may rain." = He said that it might rain.

 (2) Possibility
- Might is used to say that something is possible in the present or the future like may
- What is difference between might and may?
Usually may and might have same meaning but might is used when the situation is not real.

(ex) If you don't hurry up, you might be late.
(ex) She might be having lunch at Chinese restaurant.

 (3) Polite expression
- Might is used in polite expression
    a. making a recommendation
    b. asking permission
    c. more polite request

(ex) You might go to school to take your exam on time.
(ex) Might I have your address?
(ex) You might just call me before going home.

 (3) Might as well
- might as well is idiom
- You can use may as well also

May as well + verb word = had better + verb word
                                       = should + verb word

(ex) I may as well go now not to be late.
(ex) A taxi is so expensive so you may as well get a subway.

modal may modals modal must