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grammer world


 (1) Wish + Subjunctive past
- contrary to past fact
Subjective + wish + (that) + .... had + past participle (or could have + p.p or would have + p.p) + ....

(ex) I wish that I would have bought a car last year.
(=> This sentence means that I didn't buy a car. And you can use 'could have bought' or 'had bought' instead of 'would have bought')
(ex) I wish that I would have passed the test.
(=> I didn't pass the test.)

 (2) Wish + Subjunctive present
- contrary to present fact
- When we want to do something but you can not, we use 'wish'.
Subjective + wish + (that) + .... would (or could) ....

(ex) I'm waiting my friend. I wish he would come earlier.
(ex) Today my excursion but it is raining. I wish it would stop raining.

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